Peter Mowry ("Pem"), software engineer / developer

Welcome to Pem's website front page links ( (me, pem) (Ah - so I'm a mepem am I, OSHA?)

Code focused blog notes on side projects starting 2013:
* Includes example starting 2013 Nov Dec - SDL2 OpenGL C++ cross-platform native
* I've done many other non-work side projects & learning but they aren't shown here

Resume-related web pages:
My new resume page (from 2009/07/18):
My old resume page (from Nov 2003) (focuses on RIT college projects/study):

City Hero Defense Project:
Blog Post (from 2009/07/19):
Private Mesage Board:

Some other web stuff I played with:
Blog Experiment: (notes on various stuff mostly relating to tech/computers)
Adobe Flex Experiment: (basic experiment using adobe flash/flex, with javascript and HTML)